Selecting A Development Company over Freelancers

Who would you select for your software project: a company or a freelancer?

Let’s say that both option provides you quality work with skilled professionals. You think that the final selection depends on the project: it shoud be designing, development, testing service or support. But more often it’s all in one and then most of the people select the companies.

There should be a common option that companies are more expensive, better for handling complex and bigger projects, while the freelancers are better and cheaper for small tasks or small apps.

Companies have large portfolios with a different requirements and plateform. A freelancer have smaller portfolio may be great. If a freelancer is well-experienced in what you need like you need only designing, only wants to fix small issue then you may try.

A project usually progress with standard stages like following :

  1. Analysis and planning
  2. Design
  3. Development
  4. Quality assurance
  5. Deployment and support.

Usually it’s easier for company to follows the different stages of the development to get the batter product and having specialists for each of the stages company will provide you the batter product as per the requirements. Meanwhile it’s much harder for a freelancer to complete all the stages of the development in proper way, Because he or she can’t be expert in everything.

When it comes to price of Project development, it’s far better to find a reliable company than selecting the cheap offers. A cheap offer means a cheap product that’s no good, that’s the waste of money. An quality product will always more expensive and is usually worth its price, efforts and spent time. Companies are ready to provide all necessary support or services from deployment and even after development.

Companies have more resources than freelancers; as well less chance to fail the deadlines. One person won’t make everything faster than a team. In a team, there’s less chance that mistakes remains unseen, and it’ll take significantly less time to correct them.

So Its always batter choice, selecting Company over the freelancer for the project development.

Harsh Sanghani

Website Developer


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